AI Compute from the Edge-to-Cloud for Every Business

Transformative technology for AI computation, breaking records in efficiency and sustainability to enable state-of-the-art models uninhibited by power, space, and cost constraints.

Unmatched AI Performance

from the only scalable and robust analog in-memory computing

GPUs and digital AI accelerators are fundamentally limited and unable to meet the demands of AI at scale.  EnCharge AI delivers breakthrough advances in performance, cost, and sustainability with fully validated hardware and flexible software.

Higher efficiency (TOPS/W)*
Higher compute density (TOPS/mm2)*
Lower TCO (inferences/$ or tokens/$)
Lower CO2 emissions (vs. Cloud)

*silicon measured MACs vs. industry-leading products

EnCharge AI Leadership

Derived from world-recognized leadership

in R&D, semiconductor design, and AI systems

Leadership and engineering team responsible for 20+ years of groundbreaking, industry-influencing innovations in AI hardware, software, and algorithms; recognized for introducing many of the prevailing approaches and principles in the field.

Chips Shipped
Patents Granted
Technical Publications

Versatile products for optimized deployment across Edge-to-Cloud platforms

Our core technology leverages the existing semiconductor supply chain and integrates into diverse form factors, enabling unprecedented AI capabilities in partner and customer solutions. From chiplets, to ASICs, to standard form-factor PCIe cards, EnCharge AI provides hardware and software for seamless orchestration between on-device and Cloud Deployments.

EnCharge AI Product Roadmap

Ushering in a New Era of AI

We envision a future where advanced AI is woven into the fabric of Edge-to-Cloud platforms, democratizing the power to tackle significant human challenges sustainably and economically.

EnCharge AI - Broadening Access

Broadening Access

Unlocking AI for the 99% by deploying models beyond Cloud infrastructure to local servers and mobile devices, ensuring everyone can harness advanced capabilities

EnCharge AI - Enabling New Capabilities

Enabling New Capabilities

On-device processing in compact, power-efficient devices, enabling ever-advancing AI to operate where users are, independent of connectivity

EnCharge AI - Sustainability


Harnessing advanced AI responsibly with a solution that slashes CO2 emissions by 100x compared to Cloud or GPU alternatives, curbing power and water usage to advance ESG objectives

EnCharge AI - Affordability


Transforming AI deployment economics with 10x lower TCO compared to Cloud-based inference, boosting profitability for new generative AI products and businesses

EnCharge AI - Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

On-device and local processing to ensure that sensitive user and enterprise information remains private, offering peace of mind and compliance with data regulations

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