In-Memory Computing (IMC)

In-memory computing greatly enhances compute efficiency and reduces data movement.

In-Memory Computing (IMC)

Robust Analog

EnCharge AI’s innovation in charge-domain computation based on intrinsically-precise metal capacitors breaks traditional IMC tradeoffs, overcoming the SNR limitations of analog processing.

Current-based Analog IMC

Current-based Analog IMC

Charge-based Analog IMC (measured silicon)


Technology scalability and maturity proven through 5 generations of designs, across multiple process nodes and scaled-up architectures.

EnCharge AI Scalability

Breakthrough Energy Efficiency

The highest demonstrated efficiency among both incumbents and new entrants for AI compute.

Breakthrough Energy Efficiency

Fully Programmable and Scalable Execution

Seamless integration in user workflows and system deployments, with high-performance support across AI model types and operators.

EnCharge AI Fully Programable

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